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Who We Are

The Corporate Misfit Club is a revolutionary community created with the sole purpose of making it easy to develop digital products and thrive in your business. We understand how hard it can be to juggle marketing, scaling up, and launching digital content, so we created templates that help make all of these things easier.

Our templates will assist you in saving time, money, and stress in relation to online courses, memberships, coaching programs, and other digital products.

We focus on graphic designs and copywriting templates that promote your business, support growth & scalability, simplify launches with automated funnels - all tailored to put you back in your zone of genius.

Our mission is to cater specifically to the corporate misfits who don't fit the mold; those rule-breakers who think outside (and way outside) the box. These nonconformists crave a life lived on their terms and take control at every opportunity. Does this sound like you? Join us as we strive to provide go-to-templates for 500,000 female course creators and coaches building their lives around their passion: freedom-bound businesses thanks to the support of the Corporate Misfit Club.

A Message From Our CEO:

Creating the perfect social media, website, course, or marketing graphics can take dozens of hours for small business owners. This undertaking can take days or weeks if you're not a professional designer.

It's an especially difficult task for today's coaches, online course creators, and digital product business owners whose success relies heavily upon engaging visual assets and content.

With our pre-made products, you can get back to doing what you love without worrying about design or writing copy - saving time and money in the process!

When I first started as a Digital Marketing & Sales Strategist, I was constrained by budget. I developed a systematic approach to creating captivating graphics and writing copy that would convert into leads and sales for coaching, membership programs, and courses.


My objective is straightforward: assist online business owners who create digital products with the design of graphics and composition of marketing copy so they can grow their ventures expeditiously and with assurance.

With this method, you can design, market, and grow your digital product, even if you have a limited amount of resources at your disposal.

Let's get started and create something you can be proud of!

xx Brittany