How do I access my Fabulous Funnel Templates and Marketing Kits?

 It's a breeze! Once your purchase is complete, we'll zip an email to you with all the deets. Just follow the link to step into our exclusive portal and start your journey!

I’m not a Kajabi user yet. What should I do?

No worries, superstar! Kickstart your journey with a 30-day Kajabi trial. Remember, you do not need Kajabi if you’re just purchasing our Sales and Marketing Kit. (Psst… here's an affiliate link just for you.)

What if I need a refund?

As much as we adore spreading digital sparkle, due to the nature of our digital goodies, we're unable to offer refunds. But we’re confident you’ll find our kits and templates more than dazzling!

How do I get into this exclusive portal?

Eager to explore? Your portal to digital mastery awaits – just click here to access your exciting new resources. Access the portal here.

Do I need Canva for the Marketing Kits?

You bet! Canva is your canvas to create stunning visuals. While the pro version has extra bells and whistles, the free version is perfect to get you ruling the design realm

Code talk isn’t my jam. Do I need to know it for these templates?

Relax and pop that pink champagne! No coding required here.

Can I sprinkle my own magic on these colors, images, and fonts?

Oh, for sure! Whether it's our Marketing Kit Graphics Sales Funnel Templates – they're all ready for your fabulous touch.

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